Saturday, August 22, 2009


In the process of human growth, mother tongue is the first language that any child starts to listen during communication. In the process of learning, the freedom of language is the vital support for a child. To learn something, clear understanding is a must and for the clear understanding freedom of language is a must. A child can learn and stay easy when there is no restriction of languages inside the school environment. Many years of our experiment in Schools have found much improvement in the development of child psychology while learning in mother tongue. The school has proved that a mother tongue based preliminary academic education makes a child more active and confident in study as well as other performances. So it is the necessity of the hour to educate children in the mother tongue based school. To fulfill this necessity, YALA NEWA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is here in our city YALA (Lalitpur, Patan).

Yala Newa Int”l Schoolis established in 2008A.D to give better education through mother tongue. To preserve mother tongue and to remove the difficulties in the education because of the language, grown up Newa schools in the country. More than half dozen of the Newa schools have been established and more than fifty schools have been taught Newa Language as a subject.

Features of the school

- Newa medium with English and Nepali (Khas) language in Play Group and Nursery.

- Fully English medium from LKG with extra Newa language subject.

- All subjects will be the same as in other schools of Nepal.

- Experienced and trained teachers & caring staff.

- Peaceful atmosphere, safe play ground & comfortable classrooms.

- Extra activities such as Public Speaking, Dance, Music, Sports, Yoga and Excursion.

- Audio visual education including Montessori system in joyful atmosphere.

- Reasonable fees & hygienic tiffin

- Interaction with native English speakers for globally social personality development

YNIS Advantages:

-Teacher child ratio of 1:10(as per interntional Standard)

-Well Experienced, well trained teachers

-Children who speak Nepal Bhasa in home feel comfortable

-Those who cannot speak Nepal Bhasa can also learn Nepal Bhasa.

-Non Newar students also can adjust in the class
And much more……….